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Church Leaders Call for Shift to Green Energy and Help for Poor Families

Tuesday March 22 2022

Senior church figures from across the UK have urged the Government to prioritise ‘a rapid shift from fossil fuels to clean energy’ in the upcoming Spring Statement and Energy Security Strategy.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, who will deliver the Spring Statement on Wednesday, the church leaders call for a plan to tackle the climate emergency and the cost of living crisis.

They say that the Energy Security Strategy, which is expected to be announced this week, must not support new oil and gas developments, and call for more support for vulnerable households.

The letter reads: “The UK has a duty to demonstrate global leadership on the climate crisis, as hosts of the recent COP26 climate summit and as we continue to hold the COP Presidency.

“We call on you to use the Spring Statement to provide financial and fiscal support for renewable energy and energy efficiency, especially solar and wind energy and the retrofitting of homes and other buildings across the UK. These measures would reduce heating bills, decrease carbon emissions and increase our energy security.

“The Spring Statement must include no support for new oil and gas developments. The International Energy Agency has stated that there can be no new fossil fuel developments if we are to limit global heating to 1.5°C. New oil and gas production will not deliver lower energy bills for families facing fuel poverty and will have no impact on energy supply for years.

“We urge you to increase support for vulnerable households across the UK facing a cost of living crisis as a result of increasing food and energy prices, through measures including a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.”

The letter has been signed by the Very Rev Dr Susan Brown, convener of the Church of Scotland’s Faith Impact Forum; the Rev Sally Foster Fulton, head of Christian Aid Scotland, and the Rev David Coleman, environmental chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland, among around 250 leaders and clergy representing all of the UK’s major Christian denominations. It is open to all senior and local Church leaders to sign, until 12 noon on Tuesday March 22.

Read the full letter here.

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