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Vigil Marks Launch of 'Guerrilla Peace' Campaign

Wednesday April 6 2022

A vigil will be held in George Square, Edinburgh tomorrow night (April 7) to launch a campaign of ‘acts of guerrilla peace’ in solidarity with Ukraine.

A call to action has been launched by the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy, calling for a similar response to that of the ‘A Light for Aleppo’ initiative in support of the besieged Syrian city in 2016.

Writing on the new Guerrilla Peace Ukraine website, the Rev Dr Harriet Harris, Chaplain of the University of Edinburgh, says: “As we did with A Light for Aleppo, when that city was besieged: we gathered, lit beacons and lit up our windows, and the path of light went across the world and reached into Aleppo itself. These simple acts of compassion and empathy increased people’s morale there, and helped refugees in Scotland to feel recognised, appreciated, and welcomed.

“This, the people of Scotland can do again, and more. Our Capital Cities are twinned: Edinburgh and Kyiv. We can gather, we can recklessly sow seeds of hope, literally doing so with sunflowers that will bloom with audacity as they salute the sun and sky in freedom. We can keep lights shining in our hearts, our lives and our windows, as an invincible display of life against death, insight against tyranny, love against hate.

“This we can do whatever our beliefs, and in addition to our actions to provide aid, homes, and practicalities. We unite in aggressive empathy and audacious displays of solidarity, because we are the same; our hopes and fears are the same. Our desire for peace is the same.”

Tomorrow night’s vigil, which is from 5-5.30pm outside the Main Library in George Square, will be followed by a larger event after Easter involving communities around the country and the world.


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