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Interfaith Pilgrimage to Iona

Monday September 26 2022

Leaders of Scotland’s religious communities travelled to Iona for a three-day interfaith pilgrimage last week.

The pilgrimage, organised by Interfaith Scotland, marked the 20th anniversary of The Scottish Religious Leaders' Forum, a group dedicated to improving relationships between Scotland’s religious communities.

Representatives from Scotland’s Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Baha’i, and Buddhist communities engaged in dialogue on issues such as the climate crisis, cost of living crisis and gender equality.

The Forum hosted a Service of Commitment in Iona Abbey on Wednesday September 21. The faith leaders committed to working together for positive interfaith relations across Scotland and beyond, to actively respond to the climate crisis, and walk alongside and listen to local communities facing diverse challenges.

During the pilgrimage, they also met children from Iona Primary School.

Mirella Yandoli, Interfaith Officer at the Church of Scotland, said the pilgrimage had been 'transformative'. She said: "It is an achievement in itself to take such a diverse group to the historically sacred place of Iona, with each of us bringing something of our own of the sacred to share and learn and celebrate our differences and to ultimately feel a sense of unity of purpose."

The Rev David Coleman, environmental chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland, said: “The pilgrimage has been an extraordinary and nourishing time of fellowship and respect. We have shared around the tables at mealtimes and in reflective sessions about the threats, hopes and joys that unite us as people of faith. It is vital to every spiritual tradition that we listen in solidarity for the voice of the Earth.”

The pilgrims, who were welcomed by the Iona Community, included leaders from the Church of Scotland, Methodist Church in Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the United Reformed Church, and Quakers in Scotland.

Local Scottish interfaith groups and representatives from charities, such as Muslim Engagement and Development and UK Women of Faith Network also joined the trip, along with university and NHS chaplains.

Dr Maureen Sier, Director of Interfaith Scotland, said it had been 'a profound week'.

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