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John Bell To Retire From Iona Community

       Photo credit:   Colin Ogilvie, Dailmore Photography

                                                                                                              Tuesday October 18 2022

BROADCASTER and hymn writer John Bell will retire from his post as Resource Worker with the Iona Community in November.

John has worked with the Iona Community for over 40 years.  

John’s work alongside the Wild Goose Resource Group has included leading workshops on liturgy, music, spirituality and social justice in the UK, North America and further afield.

He has been a regular contributor at Greenbelt since 1996, speaking on topics such as holy humour, faith and doubt, Biblical women, sexuality and the character of Jesus. In his most recent book, The Long and the Short of it, John said: “My understanding of the Christian faith is rooted in the belief that all the created universe and the myriad endeavours of humanity exist in the interest and under the aegis of God. Therefore, even closed doors sometimes need to be opened, and favoured attitudes re-examined”.

A prolific hymnwriter alongside Graham Maule, John’s passion for social justice and inclusion echoes through his songs and through the eight hymnals which he has edited and convened.

The Rev Ruth Harvey, Leader of the Community said: “As a young person in my 20s, my spirituality was brought to life by hymns and songs written by John Bell and Graham Maule. These songs from the world church, full of praise and possibility, still encourage me to keep singing, keep walking – ‘for the journey is long’. John and Graham have brought the Gospel to life through song, action and art not only for those of us in the Iona Community, but for a global audience. We are hugely grateful to John for his wit and wisdom, and for his powerful collaborations with Graham and others over the years. Long may this continue, through retirement and beyond! We wish John all the best in this next chapter of his life”.

 John’s books, as well as song collections written by John Bell and Graham Maule, are available from Wild Goose Publications.



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