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End of Grain Deal 'Body Blow' to World's Hungry

Tuesday November 1 2022

Christian Aid has urged all parties to the Black Sea grain deal, which allows the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets, to persuade Russia to end its unilateral suspension.

Russia announced on Saturday that it was pulling out of the deal which allows ships carrying grain and other foodstuffs to leave Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

Ukraine is a major exporter of grain, maize and sunflower oil. Before the deal was announced in July, the conflict in the region was one of the factors in a global food crisis which left over 18 million people in East Africa facing famine.

Elizabeth Hallinan, Christian Aid's Global Crisis Contexts Lead, said: ”Any interruption to grain exports is a body blow to countries already reeling from spiralling energy and food prices. Russia's unilateral suspension will only push more people to starvation. It is critical that all parties keep talking to find a way for grain to reach countries desperate to feed their people.”

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