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Sleeping Giant Conference

Monday March 27 2023

A two-day conference will be held in June to build on the momentum of a minister’s call to the church to ‘awake and arise’.

The Sleeping Giant conference in Perth follows the book by the Rev Tommy MacNeil, written in lockdown and launched in late 2021, and a successful tour last year.

Mr MacNeil, minister of Martin’s Memorial Church, said: “Last November, I and a small team of brave individuals took part in a five-night, five city book tour as we want on the road with Sleeping Giant. The heart behind the tour was not to sell books, it was to communicate the message contained within Sleeping Giant and to encourage God's people to awake and arise. 

“It ended up being a remarkable week as we journeyed across Scotland and met with 7-800 of God's people from many different churches. Of all that we saw, heard, and encountered, we as a team came away with a greater and deeper awareness of just how much God's people were in need of encouragement and building up. From the feedback we received from host churches and the people who joined with us, this was the main fruit of the week and the book tour greatly appreciated by all who came to be part of it. 

“A main part of the reason for God's presence being so powerfully among us each night was the sense of unity we shared in. We walked out the truth and power of Psalm 133 – ‘How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity… For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore!’

“It is largely due to this, and to seeing the power of getting God's people together for worship and around God's Word that we've decided to host our Sleeping Giant Conference. This will be a couple of days where we will encourage God's people to come together in worship so that we will hear from God, receive from God, and be more prepared to release the Kingdom of God across our nation.”

The conference takes place at Speakers at Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Perth, on June 2-3. Speakers will include Tommy and his wife Donna, and the Rev Kenny Borthwick, while worship will be led by Matthew MacNeil and Lewis Haxton. Early bird tickets (until March 31) are £35 from 

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