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Faith Leaders and Charity Urge Will Conversations

Monday June 24 2024

Leaders from four denominations are once more coming together with Christian Aid, to encourage people to talk about leaving gifts in their Wills to the charity, and to their church.

The pioneering initiative - called Faith Will - was launched last year and involved the Church of Scotland, Church of England and the Quakers. This year, they are joined by the United Reformed Church.

Their aim is to encourage congregations from any denomination to sign up for free resources to hold a Faith Will moment, making it easier to talk about the power of gifts in Wills and how people’s generosity can help create change in their communities and around the world.

The Faith Will partners believe Wills can tell a powerful story of someone’s faith - and the choices we make can ensure our values live on for generations to come.

Faith Will spokesperson Kerry McMenamin said: “Gifts in Wills are already transforming communities, near and far. Last year more than 200 churches signed up to receive our free resources to help them have these conversations and this year we aim to double this; there's so much opportunity to raise awareness about this powerful way of giving.

“According to Christian Aid’s Legacy Voice 2021 research, 67 per cent of churchgoers reported that gifts in Wills were never mentioned in church. That’s why Faith Will is so important. It’s an exciting new way for churches to talk about legacies, often for the first time. Just imagine the immense difference increasing these conversations could make over time.”

From autumn onwards, churches and Quaker meetings around the UK will be holding Faith Will ‘moments’ to explore how people can leave a gift to their local church and Christian Aid, to support neighbours near and far.

A range of free resources, including a short film and leaflets for congregations, is available at: - Faith Will.

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