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Street Pastors Take to Glasgow's West End

Monday January 26

Volunteers from some of Glasgow’s West End churches have united to launch the city’s second Street Pastors team.

The Street Pastors will focus on supporting party-goers in the Byres Road/Dumbarton Road area of the West End on Friday nights.

West End Street Pastors (WESP) will work in close partnership with police and ambulance services, as well as supporting the taxi marshals and Community Safety Glasgow.

Street Pastors is a non-denominational Christian organisation with a focus on supporting the people they meet on the city streets, whatever their needs and whoever they are.

Ruth Scott, Chairperson of WESP said: “The Street Pastors will be there to help people who have spent the evening in pubs, clubs and entertainment venues – especially those who may be suffering from excess alcohol consumption, or who are homeless, or victims of crime. They will also support those who have been separated from their friends, and those who are feeling the effects of the Glasgow weather."

She added: “There is a real need for Street Pastors to be available in the West End on Friday nights doing what they do best: caring, loving and helping the people they meet. We will be working closely with the business owners and emergency services to ensure that people in the area enjoy a safe, fun night out.”


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