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Jamie Stuart Book Appeal

Wednesday April 20

Bestselling author Jamie Stuart is appealing for help distributing free copies of one of his books around Scotland.

Psalms for the People, a 30-page ‘taster’ of Jamie’s Bible stories in Scots, was released last year to mark his 95th birthday.

Two editions totalling 4000 copies have been exhausted, and Jamie has been promised funding for one more print run of 2000.

Jamie, author of The Glasgow Gospel and A Glasgow Bible, said: “My ambition is to distribute the book free of charge, to chapels, schools, libraries and prisons throughout Scotland. This will need funding. It is not a commercial enterprise.

“My hope is that people ‘on the side of the angels’ will be willing to help with this project.”

The book includes new versions of 10 of the Psalms as well as previously-published passages including The Creation, The Guid Samaritan and The Lord’s Prayer. It is intended as a worship, storytelling and Scots language resource.

It is also available as a free download here.

For more information on the book, or if you can offer to help, email psalmsforthepeople@btinternet.com

Jamie's other books, and the audio version of A Glasgow Bible, are available from Saint Andrew Press.


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