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Government Backing for Eco-Congregations

Thursday December 1

Eco-Congregation Scotland has been given a boost with the backing of Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change, Roseanna Cunningham.

Ms Cunningham (right) has urged churches of all denominations to sign up to Eco-Congregation, which provides advice, support and information on making churches more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are currently 372 eco-congregations in Scotland.

She said: “Scotland has set an example to the world by exceeding its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets six years early, but we cannot be complacent and must work with a wide range of partners to build on the strong progress we have made.

“The Eco-Congregation Scotland network is playing an important role engaging with local communities and showing that small individual actions can have a big impact on tackling climate change.

 “I would encourage churches of all denominations to consider signing up for free to receive an environmental audit and advice on cutting down emissions, as eco-congregations can help us protect our environment and planet for future generations.”

Gordon Hudson, Manager, Eco-Congregation Scotland said: "Registration as an eco-congregation is free, and you do not need to have done any environmental work. Registration is a statement that your congregation is concerned about the environment and wants to start doing something about it. It is also a great way of getting support from other local churches.”

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Connection Between Faith, Money and Climate Change Explored

Environment Secretary urges churches to sign up to become eco-congregations

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Susan Martin - Friday, December 9th, 2016

“Excellent! Let's all go for it and encourage each other and other Churches. Scotland's Zero Waste policy is already very good too.

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