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'Are Ye Wise?' Videos Reach Thousands

Wednesday December 21

A series of Christmas videos created by Irvine’s dancing clergy have been watched tens of thousands of times over the past month.

‘Are Ye Wise’ followed the search of the Wise Men, played by the Shoes Brothers – aka the Rev Neil Urquhart, minister of Fullarton Parish Church, and Father Willie Boyd of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church; joined this time by the Rev Tendai J Mbaserah, pastor at Kilmarnock Baptish Church – who found themselves in Irvine searching for the King. Eventually they realised that Jesus was everywhere people are caring and sharing for one another.

The story was told in three ‘vlogs’ (video blogs) released from mid-November to early December, with a final condensed version and a new song released on December 8.

The final video alone has been viewed nearly 30,000 times on Facebook.

Father Boyd said: “After all the hard work of filming, editing and song-making, the hope and prayer is that these films and the song will inspire Irvinites to further prove that Irvine is truly a ‘Giving something Back’ town, by the way we treat one another and go out of our way to help others.”

Rev Tendai Mbaserah added: “The highlight of the filming for me was seeing Neil fall off his pogo stick, I couldn’t stop laughing for hours after! It’s been a joy and privilege to travel the 15 minutes from Kilmarnock many times over to join in with what God is doing in Irvine!”

Willie and Neil have been working together for years in an attempt to break down barriers in the community and fight sectarianism.

Neil said: “People are asking, “What next?” Come January I’ll start thinking about next Christmas, while walking my dog on Irvine Beach. For now though, let’s enjoy the ‘Are Ye Wise!?’ campaign and celebrate Advent & Christmas 2016 by going out of our way to  light other people’s lives up, lives that may languish in depression and darkness otherwise. Shine on!”

You can view the videos on the YouTube channel Fullonart and the Shoes Brothers Dance – SBD Facebook page and download the song from 


Ann Cubitt - Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

“It's always difficult to retell a very familiar story at the same time keeping it fresh and relevant. Are Ye Wise engaged the people of Irvine with humour and asked the question, "where is the King?". What a super finish when they realised that the King is alive and at work in the hearts of so many people in Irvine. A great message and a lesson for us all. ”

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