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A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

Wednesday January 6 2021

We stand at that place, betwixt and between the old and the new.
Looking back to a year now past, and forward to what is yet to be.
But this is not a normal transition between old and new.

We look back on a year in which
the normal patterns of daily life have been disrupted;
where so much has been put on hold, postponed, cancelled.

We look to the new year with dread and anxiety
with its continued uncertainty.
Lives still on hold.
So much we would want to do, would plan to do,
need to do, but afraid to look too far forward for
fear of disappointment.

In all our uncertainty
we come to you, Lord, for you are constant.
In the midst of uncertainty your love is sure.
In the darkness of disappointment you never fail.
In heartbreak and anguish your loving arms enfold us.

We see your constancy and love not only in our lives
but in the world around us.
As year succeeds to year,
as day follows night,
as the seasons change,
from the new life of spring,
to summer’s rosy glow,
then autumn’s harvest hew
to winter’s sleepy rest.

Lord, we long for the world to awaken
not only from winter’s rest
but also from the shutdown we have endured
for so many months.

As we wait expectantly for the brighter days of spring,
and for the world to live again
so we turn to you.
Continue to walk with us through these dark days,
assure us of your light which
no darkness can ever overcome
and of your love
by which we are constantly surrounded.