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The Coronavirus Diaries: Safety For All

The Coronavirus Diaries: Safety For All

Wednesday September 8 2021

Mable Sichali, a deaconess in the United Church of Zambia, reports on how the church has responded to the challenges of the pandemic.

Zambia has recorded 207,161 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, with 3,617 deaths, and only 507,707 are vaccinated out of 18 million people. It is suspected cases are higher than is reported.  Death at community level has increased, mortuaries are full to capacity, and there has been overcrowding at graveyards and a shortage of coffins during the third wave.

Strict Covid-19 protocols are in place. Bars, learning institutions, and casinos are closed, restaurants operate on a takeaway basis, workshops, weddings, conferences, and all social gatherings aree indefinitely suspended including Church activities such as bible studies, choirs, and group gatherings, except for a one-hour service on Sunday with a maximum of 50 people per session with online provisions obviously, disadvantaging the majority poor who can’t afford internet services. Funerals have been restricted to 50 family members with services conducted at the graveyards.

This led to an influx of self-medication among community members. The common one is an antibiotic called Azithromycin, and also there is the use of herbs. Hence foods like garlic, ginger, onion, other medicinal spices, and generally, the cost of living is very expensive, made worse by the depreciation of the Zambian Kwacha making it difficult for the poor to cope. The Kwacha is slowly appreciating but prices of commodities are still very high.

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) experienced a high positivity rate among members including the clergy and several succumbed to Covid-19. It was so severe that a number of our urban congregations were closed for long, in order to safeguard the lives of the masses.

This in itself has implanted fear in congregants that UCZ has faced a drastic reduction of church attendance and revenue as many stopped coming to Church, negatively affecting operations due to unprecedented deficit. Until now we are still working alternately to evade overcrowding, further infections and death. As it were some of our rural presbyteries are five months behind in terms of stipends.

To mitigate the impact of the pandemic the Church has come up with strategies including Missional Sunday that comes on September 26, to raise funds to support those in need and Ministers, especially those in rural areas who are harshly hit.

Additionally, UCZ is mobilising resources to support those infected and affected by the pandemic. We have been making reusable masks, raising awareness about the pandemic and encouraging people to go for vaccination. We are giving food to our target groups, supporting our health institutions with personal protective equipment and some of our health facilities are Covid-19 isolation centres.

We have also been raising awareness of child safeguarding and formation of child protection committees in order to prevent child abuse in times of prolonged lockdown. We have also been training young people in sexual reproductive health, rights and adaptive leadership and psychosocial life skills and women’s empowerment. We have been doing periodic reviews of protocols and are praying for a cure and until then safety for all.

Deaconess Mable Sichali is head of the Department of Community Development and Social Justice for the United Church of Zambia.

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