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May Prayer

May Prayer

Monday May 2

How long, O Lord?
Nations are in uproar
Quaking, surging, writhing, crying
How long must it be like this?

Look upon this world, Lord, and see how it suffers
Famine in the east
War in the west
Plague from north to south
Fear, insecurity, injustice, poverty
Broken nations, broken communities
Broken bodies, broken minds

How long, O Lord?
How long shall we persist in turmoil?
O, that you would come and utter:

‘Be still and know that I am God’
Deliver the panicking peoples from fear
Silence the blows and bluster of tyrants
Still the tempers of raging rulers
Break the bow and shatter the spear
Nourish millions with bread and shelter
Give welcome eternal to the wandering refugee
Be to us who come to you
An unyielding fortress
A certain refuge
An unfailing strength

‘See, I am doing a new thing’
What is it, Lord?
Grant us a glimpse; help us perceive it!
Hold us fast through the storm before new shores
Whisper to us through creation’s groaning birth pains
Into the joy of experiencing all that you will bring to life

Let us proclaim your praise all our days
Be they many or few
Let them be all for you
May the life of God be more than enough
For life and death in these days
And may your resurrection power, Lord Jesus
Be our one true hope forever.