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The BB and me

The BB and me

Monday November 14

Andrew Wells explains how involvement in the Boys’ Brigade has enabled him to explore his faith

The Boys’ Brigade has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember – it was a no brainer that when an opportunity to stay as a leader appeared, I jumped at the chance!

One of the first things I did when I moved to Aberdeen for University four years ago was join the 44th Aberdeen BB company as a volunteer. Even though I took so much from the BB as a young person, the experiences the Brigade have provided me with as a leader have been even better. I have travelled around Europe, met some of my closest friends, developed invaluable leadership skills and most importantly, been given the opportunity to explore my faith and discover what the Church means to me.

After finishing university, gaining experience as a leader and latterly having the opportunity to be involved as a leader at various BB camps and courses, I have been lucky enough to see the different forms Church can take and see that there is much more to Church than just a Sunday morning. I have seen worship take the form of a service by the beach at Cumbrae Camp, studying a Kanye West song at a Queens badge course or the “Psalm Nav” at our KGVI youth leadership residential course. These experiences made me feel much more able to connect with the Church, eventually resulting in my admittance as a communicant member of the Church of Scotland in May of this year.

The BB and the incredible people within it have let me come to faith in a way that I understand, relate to and made me feel comfortable walking into Church on a Sunday morning as I am, with no strings or conditions attached. After the madness of university finished, its been somewhat overwhelming to see just how much impact the BB has had on me, and just how many of my phonebook are fellow BB leaders.

These opportunities have had a massive impact on my life and making sure that these opportunities remain available to the next generation of children and young people in Scotland is one of my biggest motivators and the same can be said for many of my BB colleagues across the country. Fulfilling our object to advance Christ’s Kingdom among boys (and now girls!) and realising that I and my fellow leaders are privileged to be trusted to play a part in delivering and realising our vision for Children and young people to live life to the full through sharing fun, fellowship and faith. Even when it's very late at night during a camp and I’m desperate for my bed!

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