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General Assembly 2021


Saturday May 22


  1. Constitution of Assembly
  2. Roll of Commissioners laid on the table
  3. Election of Moderator and Prayer of Consecration
  4. Commission to the High Commissioner to be read and order given for recording it
  5. Her Majesty’s Letter to be read and order given for recording it
  6. Address by the High Commissioner and Reply by the Moderator
  7. Address by Retiring Moderator
  8. Appointment of Committee to prepare Answer to Her Majesty’s Gracious Letter
  9. Report of Standing Committee on Commissions
  10. Submission of Standing Orders
  11. Appointment of Committee for arranging Order of Business
  12. Appointment of Panel of Tellers
  13. Appointment of Committee to prepare Minute on Deceased Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons
  14. Intimation of arrangements for a celebration of Holy Communion on Monday 24 May, at 10am on Zoom

Short break

  1. Presentation of Delegates and Visitors
  2. Report of the Assembly Business Committee – overtures from Presbyteries wishing to unite
  3. Report of the Scottish Bible Society and Presentation of Bible to Moderator
  4. Report of the Delegation of the General Assembly
  5. Minutes of the Appeal Hearings before the Ministries Appeal Panel


  1. Assembly Trustees
    1. Finances and Budget Approval
    2. Replacement for Ministry and Mission Scheme – decision on principles
    3. Other sections

Monday May 24


  1. Appoint Procedure Committee
  2. HM Letter reply
  3. Special Commission on the Effectiveness of the Presbyterian Form of Church Government


  1. Legal Questions Committee
  2. Ecumenical Relations Committee

Tuesday May 25


  1. Faith Nurture Forum – including Assembly Trustees’ section of deliverance on Ministry Numbers, Overture from the Presbytery of Aberdeen-Shetland
  2. Housing & Loan Fund


  1. Guild
  2. Theological Forum
  3. Registration of Ministries Committee

Wednesday May 26


  1. Faith Impact Forum
  2. Board of the Iona Community


  1. Social Care Council
  2. Safeguarding Committee

Thursday May 27


  1. Committee on Chaplains to HM Forces
  2. General Trustees
  3. Pension Trustees
  4. Nomination Committee
  5. Church Hymnary Trustees
  6. Church of Scotland Trust
  7. Church of Scotland Investors Trust


  1. Constitution of Assembly
  2. Report anent Deceased Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons
  3. Protestations called for
  4. Report on the Printing of Acts
  5. Draft Minutes of Sederunts not yet submitted to be read if required
  6. Presentations to the Moderator
  7. Moderator addresses the General Assembly
  8. The Lord High Commissioner addresses the General Assembly
  9. Dissolution

The running order is subject to change. An additional session may be held on Thursday at 10am if needed.

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