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Looking Back

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Looking Back

January 1910 – Saying Grace

This short story is taken from the Life and Work of 1910’s Young People’s Page.

Saying Grace

In the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ there’s a little bit about a chicken’s way of giving thanks.

Christiana, the Pilgrim’s wife, who set out, after him, to go to the Celestial City, had come to the Interpreter's House. The Interpreter, a great, good, and wise man, was explaining to her and to her boys, and to Mercy, a young neighbour who journeyed with them, the many wonderful and strange sights they saw there.

He invited them, by and by, into a room where were a hen and her chickens, and bade Christiana and the others to watch them.

After a little, one of the chicks went to a trough to drink, “and every time she drank she lifted up her head and her eyes towards heaven.” “See,” said the Interpreter, “what this little chick doth, and learn of her to acknowledge whence your mercies come, by receiving them with looking up.”

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