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Looking Back

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Looking Back

In this short piece from Life and Work in December 1939, we learn of the more religious based beginnings of  BBC Radio's Thought For The Day, called ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’. It ran until 1965 when it was re-imagined as ‘Ten To Eight, and in 1970 to the format we know now.

December 1939 – The BBC and Morning Prayer

“In the morning, rising up before day, He prayed.”

Jesus devoted much of His teaching to the need and practice of prayer. In these days many are feeling the need of prayer, but some among them have become unaccustomed to the practice of it, and do not easily find, in their own home, a shrine where they may worship God.

Yet every one who is wont to set aside even the briefest period of prayer at the start of the day gains a spiritual poise and strength that makes all the difference to the hours that follow. Broadcasting can enter every home and help our worship there. We are glad to learn that from the 4th December a short period of Morning Prayer is to be broadcast at 7.30 each weekday. It will last only five minutes and wil consist of a short Bible reading, a thought or text for the day, and a short prayer, suitable for these difficult days. Scottish ministers will take a large part in the broadcast of this programme, and we feel sure that many of our Church members will find in it an enrichment of their spiritual life.

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