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Life and Work Sunday

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Life and Work has been informing, uplifting, moving, connecting and occasionally enraging the Church of Scotland for over 140 years. This summer, we are offering churches the chance to celebrate that.

Life and Work Sunday will be marked on August 29 with a celebration and the team are delighted to offer a collection of resources, including a specially-written prayer and short reflection, and suggested readings and hymns for inclusion in worship if you wish. Alongside that, there will be a short history and printable exhibition of past covers, and a special offer for new subscribers.


We value and appreciate every one of our readers, which is why we are asking all of you now for your help in reaching out to others interested in the wide range of subjects covered within Life and Work and on our website. On Sunday August 29, we are inviting all readers and congregations to celebrate the Life and Work story by sharing resources, but also by simply or sharing of gifting copies and telling others what they like about the magazine. It will be a day to celebrate the legacy and all that is good and valuable about the 142-year-old magazine of our Church.
Lynne McNeil


I have found over the years that it has enlarged my understanding of the Church I am glad to serve.  It has given me material to reflect on that shows the width of our Church. There has been a warmth in it which has meant that I have felt included 'as part of the family'.  It has helped me keep in touch. It has made me not only part of a Church of Scotland congregation but part of the Church of Scotland.
The Very Rev Colin Sinclair
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 2019-20


Join us as we celebrate the past, present and future of the magazine of the Church of Scotland.

The resources below will be added to in coming weeks.

Brief history of Life and Work, an appreciation and special offer: pdf / Word

Worship resources for Life and Work Sunday: pdf / Word

Printable display on the history of Life and Work: pdf