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Christian Aid Plea For Ethical Gifts


                                                                                                                              Monday October 15 2018


THE charity Christian Aid has launched a new virtual shop ‘Charity Gifts’ and pleaded with shoppers to consider ethical gifts this Christmas.


The charity says such gifts could provide a lifeline to those in poorer countries who are trying to improve their lives.


Christian Aid's head of strategic communications Deborah Auty said: “This Christmas, we are encouraging the public to think of others by choosing ethical alternatives to traditional gifts.


“For those struggling to find a meaningful present for a loved one, Charity Gifts offer something that will transform people’s lives or help the planet.


“From stocking fillers to big gifts, our Charity Gifts store has something to suit everyone’s tastes.”


Every purchase acts as a donation to the work of Christian Aid and its local partners. Each present is accompanied by a lively card explaining more about the gift and the related project.


The new shop refreshes Christian’s Aid previous virtual gifting offer, Present Aid, which launched in 2005, and raised in excess of £17 million for Christian Aid’s work with poor communities across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.


For more information visit the new Charity Gifts website at


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