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Science and Theology Grant Boost for St Andrews


                                                                                                                          Tuesday August 13 2019
A US foundation has awarded a £2.3m grant to the School of Divinity at the University of St Andrews to develop science-engaged theology.

The grant, by the John Templeton Foundation, was welcomed by Dr John Perry, Senior Lecturer in Christian Ethics at St Andrews, who said: “With this project, the University of St Andrews is pioneering a wave of interdisciplinary research and teaching.

“Rather than generalising about science and religion as abstract concepts, science-engaged theology draws specific sub-disciplines and theories together to solve concrete problems.

“In ‘Science-Engaged Theology: New Visions in Theological Anthropology’ we will be funding the creation of new research projects, course syllabi, funding student scholarships, and creating a new online platform that incorporates current knowledge from the behavioural sciences into religious visions of what it means to be human.

“We believe that this grant will facilitate long-lasting change that allows for greater collaboration between scientists and theologians for many years to come.”

The John Templeton Foundation aims to advance human wellbeing by supporting research on the ‘Big Questions’, and by promoting character development, individual freedom, and free markets.

The grant will include research, teaching, an open online resource and two scholarships for undergraduates to come to St Andrews based on an essay competition.


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