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Scotland International Supports CrossReach Campaign

Friday April 3 2020

Church of Scotland social care provider CrossReach has launched a new fundraising challenge to help support its services through the coronavirus epidemic.

‘Push Up for CrossReach’ is a push-up challenge where participants the number of push ups increases each day.

Starting with one push-up (or whatever they are comfortable with) on Monday, participants are asked to increase the number by one each day, then by two on Friday, before taking a break at the weekend.

It has already been supported by former Scotland international rugby player Tim Visser (above).

Anyone taking part is encouraged to sign up as a fundraiser, make an initial suggested donation of £5, and record and share their efforts on social media using the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone. You can also do the challenge virtually with family and friends.

CrossReach, the largest non-statutory social care provider in Scotland, launched an emergency campaign earlier this week to enable it to continue its work during the epidemic.

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