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Churches to Celebrate Bible Sunday

Tuesday September 22 2020

Churches across Scotland will celebrate the life-transforming power of the Bible on Sunday October 25, which has been designated Bible Sunday.

Bible Sunday is celebrated every year, with churches across Scotland focusing their Sunday service on the same Bible passage and so joining together to celebrate God’s Word.

It is also a chance to consider the fact that, of the more than 7000 languages in use today, more than half have no Bible translation at all, and only a tenth have a complete Bible.

This year, the Scottish Bible Society has prepared a suite of resources, including a sermon outline and all-age address, based on Psalm 90: ‘Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations’.

The resources have been designed this year to be suitable for virtual gatherings, recognising that many churches are still not meeting in person.

Bible Sunday can be celebrated during mid-week meetings, and a group of churches often come together for a joint service.

Elaine Duncan, chief executive of the Scottish Bible Society, said: "Bible Sunday is an opportunity for churches to celebrate the continuing impact the Bible has on individuals and communities in Scotland and throughout the world."

Bible Sunday resources can be downloaded here.


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