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'Rewilding the Church' Live Chat

Tuesday January 12 2021


Church of Scotland development worker and author Steve Aisthorpe is to take part in a live chat tomorrow (Wednesday) on the concept of ‘rewilding’ and how it can be applied to church.

The online event from Fresh Expressions is the first of three exploring the ideas in Steve’s book ‘Rewilding the Church’, published last year.

The book is based on the ecological concept of rewilding, an approach to conservation in which humans step back from actively managing the environment and leave nature to take its course. Steve asks what the results might be if the Church put less emphasis on its own strategies and plans, and instead allowed itself to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Steve will be joined in the live chat by Jill Hopkinson, a tutor in rural ministry at Sarum College in Salisbury; and Adam Daubney, a freelance archaeologist and leader of Threshold Church, a network of communities across rural Lincolnshire.

The conversation takes place from 12.30pm tomorrow (Wednesday January 13) and will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube, with the videos remaining available to view afterwards.


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