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Bible Society's New Joseph Resources

Tuesday July 27 2021

A new all age resource, Joseph and the Triumph of Grace, has been launched by The Scottish Bible Society (SBS). 

A book in two halves, Joseph and the Triumph of Grace provides a fully illustrated version of the story of Joseph, and the full Bible text of Genesis in the New International Reader’s version. The book is supported with a Joseph's Journal which helps readers to engage with the story of the Bible, the story of Joseph, and their own story.

To complement the new resources, SBS has also launched Grace Gatherings – a series of nine sessions of downloadable material with each session focusing on a different story in Genesis; providing opportunities for all ages to explore and discover God’s grace together.  These provide simple activities, questions and opportunities for conversations as people meet together to talk about the Bible. Grace Gatherings could be in the form of a range of post-lockdown gatherings from a couple of families in a garden, house-groups, Messy Church activity, or a church setting where people are sitting in households or small groups, or any other place where a safe and allowed number of people are able to gather. 

Jen Robertson, SBS Children’s Resources Manager said:“Before lockdown, two clear themes emerged from our conversations with children and young people across Scotland about the Bible and what helped them engage with it. These were the importance of intergenerational conversations about the Bible, and the need to tackle difficult topics in the Bible that might clash with our current cultural context."

“Faith isn’t just passed on like a gift to the generation below us, the sharing happens as people of all ages gather together and learn from one another as thoughts, stories and experiences are shared.”

“We often struggle to know how to create spaces where these intergenerational conversations can take place – gathering a group of similar ages together can be less challenging than helping an 80 year old and a 6 year old chat about the Bible together. It is  evident that these conversations between generations really matter and have an impact on every person who is part of the conversation.”

Copies of Joseph and the Triumph of Grace can be ordered  (£4 inc p&p) from  https://scottish.bible/joseph and Grace Gatherings can be downloaded from https://scottish.bible/grace-gatherings 


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