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Angel Encounter Inspires New Christmas Song

Wednesday December 22 2021

A real-life encounter with an angel is the inspiration for a new Christmas single released yesterday.

‘Just Past Midnight on Christmas Morn’ by the Bogle Band – led by the Very Rev Albert Bogle, minister of the Sanctuary First online community - tells the story of Ian Ferguson’s meeting with a young man after a Watchnight service some years ago.

In a blog on the Sanctuary First website, Ian writes: “All he said was that he had come to bless me.

“I looked at him and was very puzzled. He was wearing trousers and a jacket and shoes like sandals not the kind of attire for a night like this. Outside it was cold and the snow had been falling heavily.

“Looking at the weather, as the snow fell thicker, I said to him ‘Wait there and I'll drive you home’. I turned to lock the office door... When I turned to face him he had gone. It was just a matter of seconds. So I rushed out into the car park to see where he had gone. However, there were no footprints on the virgin snow.”

Ian adds that on his way home ‘the car seemed to be filled with a strange peace’, and that when he arrived he told his wife that he thought he had just met an angel.

Among the people to whom Ian has told the story over the years was Albert, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, who took it as the inspiration for the new song.

The video, filmed in St Michael’s Parish Church, Linlithgow, can be seen on the Sanctuary First website and the song is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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