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Churches Urged to Take Part in 'Make Polluters Pay' Day

Tuesday September 12 2023

Destruction caused by Cyclone Freddie in Malawi earlier this year. Campaigners argue that extreme weather events are more likely to climate change, and that fossil fuel companies should be made to contribute to a Loss and Damage Fund to help poorer countries cope. Picture: Amaru Photography - Christian Aid

Christian Aid Scotland is urging supporters to get involved in a national Make Polluters Pay Day, calling on the Scottish and UK Governments to make UK-based fossil fuel giants pay towards the impacts of the climate crisis.

The action day, Saturday September 23 has been organised by the Make Polluters Pay coalition of charities and campaign groups including Christian Aid. It will include pilgrimages, demonstrations, discussions and publicity stunts.

Organisers say that those who have done the least to cause climate damage are paying the highest price through extreme weather events. Meanwhile fossil fuel corporations continue to make vast profits: in 2022 the combined total profits of BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total Energies was around £125.3 billion.

Governments have agreed to create an international Loss and Damage Fund but the fund isn’t yet operational and the UK Government is yet to commit money to it. The Scottish Government has to date committed £7 million to loss and damage through their Climate Justice Fund but according to detailed analysis this falls short of what Scotland’s ‘fair share’ is estimated to be.

Make Polluters Pay Action Day is about challenging politicians to do something about this, ahead of the next UN Climate Summit, COP28, which starts on November 30.

Andrew Tomlinson, Campaigns and Advocacy Lead at Christian Aid Scotland, said: “By speaking up and challenging the injustice of climate change, together, we can leverage action.  Our global neighbours, those who have done the least to create the climate crisis, are dealing with floods, droughts and cyclones.  They didn’t create this crisis and we must find a way to compensate them for the loss and damage caused, with no strings attached.  And we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground.

“I hope our supporters and people in churches across Scotland will get involved in Make Polluters Pay Day to highlight the huge profits made by fossil fuel companies.  We need to ensure that these profits and the wealth of the world’s biggest polluters are directed to fund climate justice both at home and abroad. It’s time to make polluters pay.”Anyone who would like to get involved can take part in a variety of ways, from contacting their MP and MSP to organising a pilgrimage, a vigil or demonstration.

To find out how you can get involved visit or email There is also a Scotland briefing paper available.

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