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CrossReach CEO Warns of 'Collapse' of Social Care in Scotland

Monday April 22 2024

The head of the Church of Scotland’s social care provider has warned that immediate action is needed to prevent ‘the collapse of social care’ in Scotland.

Writing in the Herald on Friday, Viv Dickenson, CEO of CrossReach, said that cuts to services are ‘undermining the human rights’ of people who depend on those services, and would lead to more people reaching crisis point before they receive any help.

Mrs Dickenson wrote that the services affected offer the type of support ‘which helps prevent family breakdown, enables those living with dementia to continue to live in the communities which they know best, supports those living with a physical or learning disability to live in accordance with their choices and aspirations, and is there for those struggling with problematic substance use or their mental health.  These services are high quality, cost effective and deliver good outcomes, and can help relieve strain on the already overloaded NHS or Scottish Prison Service’.

However, she said, these services are being cut, “With little discussion or opportunity for collaboration which might bring forward different solutions, and the distress caused is palpable as so few alternatives are available’.

“These cuts may initially be felt by those who rely on the support offered. In time however, there will be a ripple effect in Scottish communities as more people reach crisis point due to the erosion of the supportive infrastructure that social care offers.”

Read the full article on the CrossReach website.

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