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Moderator's Tribute to Queen

Thursday April 21


Picture: Joel Rouse, Ministry of Defence (Open Government Licence)


The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has paid tribute to the Queen as she celebrates her 90th birthday today.

The Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison said that the Church gave thanks for the Queen’s ‘years of devoted service rendered to the country and Commonwealth’.

Dr Morrison and his predecessors also commented on the Queen’s concern and knowledge of the Church of Scotland.

The Moderator said: “As Moderator, and on behalf of the Church of Scotland, it gives me great joy to offer our united and affectionate congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on the happy occasion of her 90th birthday.

“Throughout these 90 years Her Majesty has been a regular visitor to Scotland and Her Majesty’s love for and appreciation of Scotland is widely known.

“Similarly, Her Majesty’s interest in and commitment to the Church of Scotland has been demonstrated in countless ways. A happy relationship has long existed between Church and Monarchy. Her Majesty has attended, on more than one occasion, the Church’s annual General Assembly. And when not there in person Her Majesty has been represented by Lord High Commissioners of the highest calibre which Her Majesty personally appoints.

“In the Church of Scotland we are greatly heartened and we rejoice in Her Majesty’s unwavering commitment and witness to the Christian faith, as well as affirming the secure place of other faiths in Britain today. Her Majesty’s regular and engaged attendance and easy relationship with the Kirk in Scotland is a great source of encouragement and joy.

“At this significant milestone in the life of our Queen, we give the God of steadfast love and faithfulness thanks for Her Majesty and for all the years of devoted service rendered to the country and Commonwealth. For the future, we pray God’s continuing blessing on Her Majesty, granting her, together with His Royal Highness Prince Philip, continuing health, strength and grace, as they continue to serve us all.”

Further tributes on the Church of Scotland website.

Church of Scotland Tributes to Queen

Church of Scotland Tributes to Queen

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