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Trypraying Adverts to Run Until Easter

Tuesday February 27 2018


Buses and billboards in Edinburgh will be carrying the ‘Try Praying’ message from next week until Easter, after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The trypraying logo, which reaches out to people who don’t ‘do church’, has become a familiar sight around Edinburgh over the past eight years.

In a letter to supporters in January, David Hill of the charity There is Hope, which runs the campaign, said: “We know that over 40% of people in Edinburgh recognise the logo, and that many people have prayed as a result – often beginning a journey to real faith.”

The initial appeal for £24,000, to run bus adverts in Edinburgh for four weeks, was met in little over a week; and ultimately the campaign raised over £29,000. In addition to inside and outside Lothian Buses, the adverts will also run on digital displays at the Gyle and Haymarket.

The adverts include a link to the website, which includes a seven-day prayer guide and app.

For further information on how churches and individuals can be involved in the campaign, visit www.thereishope.co.uk



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